Everett Farmers Market is 20 Years 2013

OPENS June 2rd thru October 6th SUNDAY – 11am to 4pm- RAIN OR SHINE

The Everett Farmers Market was founded in 1993 by Marie Brayman with a vision and just a few vendors in an empty, unpaved lot just west of what is now Lowes Hardware store. Marie had the determination and patience to get the market off the ground and nurture it through its early growing pains.

Old time vendors remember standing on large rocks in the rain and mud, with water running between their feet, waiting for customers to find the market. click here to read more about the history of the Market.

One Reply to “Everett Farmers Market is 20 Years 2013”

  1. Thank to Karen’s gracious invitation, I am planning on coming up for Opening Day!! Can’t believe my “baby” is 20! It was a major effort to get it started and I am forever thankful to Inger & Tone and now Karen & Gary, (and Danny 🙂 for keeping it going all these years later! Looking forward to seeing all my old buddies, it’ll be a blast!!

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