Fresh Bucks Pilot Program at 6 Farmers Markets

EVERETT, Wash., September 5, 2017 - Snohomish County, in partnership with the Food From Farms and the Washington State Farmers Market Association, have launched a pilot Fresh Bucks program at several farmers markets in Snohomish County. The Fresh Bucks program expands access to fresh and healthy foods to low-income individuals and families through Electronic Benefit …


“Snohomish County Farmers Markets”

Now view online which farmers market in Snohomish County accept, Senior FMNP, WIC FNMP, accept EBT and a Match Incentive Program. Feel free to print this page.          

SNAP/EBT Card Holders Shop at Snohomish County Farmers Markets

Snohomish Region Farmers Market Coalition represents independent farmers markets in Snohomish County who have joined together to fight food insecurity and formed a non-profit Food From Farms, to increase the purchasing power for SNAP shoppers wanting to buy fresh, local produce. "Nine" Farmers Markets in the Snohomish County Region will offering the opportunity for SNAP-EBT …